Lab Tests

Below are a list of tests used to expand my information about you.

  • Hormone Testing – may use saliva or blood, depending on what is appropriate for the patient – may be used in menopause, PMS, fibroids, PCOS, fatigue, fertility
  • Celiac Disease Testing / Gluten Sensitivity Testing – blood testing which may be done through one of two labs depending what we decide
  • Parasite testing  / Stool analysis – tests for infectious / pathogenic organisms – tests for digestive competency
  • Thyroid Testing  – tests thyroid function and may test for autoimmune antibodies that may be causing disrupted thyroid symptoms
  • PAP Testing / sexually transmitted infections – may be done as part of gynecological examination
  • Vitamin and Mineral Testing – blood tests which may be done through one of two labs depending on our decision together

Lab testing through a naturopathic doctor is not covered by provincial health care plans, however, private insurance companies often cover the cost.  Check with yours, if you have coverage, to be sure.

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