Spring Cleansing for Kids

Cleansing with Kids

Cleansing works for kids too! Just like grown-ups, children are exposed to toxins all over the place. Human bodies are designed to break down and clear out toxins but, sometimes the body becomes overloaded.
Children benefit tremendously in the short term from detoxing – clearer thinking, smoother digestion, stronger immune system, again, just like adults.
But imagine the longer term impact if we clean out those toxins before they have a chance to be stored in the fatty tissues of little bodies. Cleansing a couple of times a year with your kids is a tremendous investment in their long term health.
Involving children in the planning of healthy meals and snacks and the “why’s” of choosing healthy foods helps with the change of diet. Framing a cleanse as an experiment for children to observe and report how they feel before, during and after helps kids feel involved and learn to make great choices.
Spring is the perfect time to spring clean with your kids. Book in with your ND to plan a cleanse for your kids.

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