Kids’ Allergies and ADHD

Did you know that allergies could be the root cause of children’s trouble to make good behaviour choices? That is – tantrums and trouble listening…

Over and over again I see children who are suffering with allergies misdiagnosed as having ADD or ADHD.

Often kids who are dealing with allergies have fluid in their ears preventing them from hearing properly. As allergy symptoms come and go, this hearing loss may not be picked up during a regular screening hearing test. You can imagine that if you can’t hear instructions or suggestions quite right, it’s pretty much impossible to follow them. Of course this scenario becomes frustrating for both the grown up who’s instructing and the confused child. Usually the result is tears and screaming (possibly for both the grown up and child!).

Naturopathic treatments can reduce and eliminate the allergic response and clear out the ears. When we help to calm down the whole body and improve the child’s hearing, we often see a decrease in frustration, improvements in behaviour choices, and increase in focus and concentration.

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