4 Easy Herbs to Fight Colds and Infections

It’s that time of year again when colds, flus, and infections start popping up everywhere.  With the kids back to school lots of families are exposed to all kinds of viruses and bacteria just waiting to grab hold.  Here are some easy herbs that fight these infectious little stinkers: Garlic – Garlic is currently being studiedContinue reading “4 Easy Herbs to Fight Colds and Infections”

Kids Fight Colds and Flus with a game of “TAKE THAT!”

I’m a big believer that kids want to do what feels good for their bodies but, let’s face it, sometimes things taste bad or feel icky.  Here are excerpts from an email from a mom who read my previous blog post, “Natural Remedies for Acute Cough”, and the game she and her boys played to fightContinue reading “Kids Fight Colds and Flus with a game of “TAKE THAT!””

Yay Breastfeeding!

If you are having any trouble breastfeeding please give us a call. We can refer you to excellent lactation consultants, suggest herbs for milk production, advise about mastitis, answer many questions about breastfeeding. Because… Did you know that… breastfeeding is a skill to learned by both mama and baby? It takes excellent instruction and practiceContinue reading “Yay Breastfeeding!”

Sensitive Kids and Bug Bites

This post is about natural remedies to help with bug bites. Now, I’m sure you have noticed that bugs love to bite some people and  just leave others alone.  I don’t know the science or research behind it but I sure do know that having tons of bites stinks.  I’m one they loooooove to bite.Continue reading “Sensitive Kids and Bug Bites”

Kids’ Allergies and ADHD

Did you know that allergies could be the root cause of children’s trouble to make good behaviour choices? That is – tantrums and trouble listening… Over and over again I see children who are suffering with allergies misdiagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. Often kids who are dealing with allergies have fluid in their earsContinue reading “Kids’ Allergies and ADHD”

Spring Cleansing for Kids

Cleansing with Kids Cleansing works for kids too! Just like grown-ups, children are exposed to toxins all over the place. Human bodies are designed to break down and clear out toxins but, sometimes the body becomes overloaded. Children benefit tremendously in the short term from detoxing – clearer thinking, smoother digestion, stronger immune system, again,Continue reading “Spring Cleansing for Kids”

Solar panels on TDSB schools! Yay!

According to the Globe and Mail yesterday, approximately 450 schools will have their roofs repaired and fitted with solar panels by AMP Solar Limited.  At their peak the panels could produce up to 66 megawatts of green energy a year – enough to meet the needs of 6000 average Toronto households!  After the company recoversContinue reading “Solar panels on TDSB schools! Yay!”