For Moms Working At Home…

Most moms I know who are working from home put time into their “non-child related work” while the kids are napping or after the little tykes have gone to bed.  This seems like such a good idea in theory, but, I can tell you from experience, it’s quite difficult to achieve in practice. The deadlineContinue reading “For Moms Working At Home…”

Treats and Children’s Food Sensitivities

Often when I suggest to a family that a change in diet will likely help their child’s health concerns, the family feels worried that the child will feel deprived or upset about avoiding those foods – usually considered treats. Of course it depends on the kid, but honestly, I think that parents are more traumatizedContinue reading “Treats and Children’s Food Sensitivities”

6 Ways to Support Your Child’s Immune System and Help Prevent Nasty Infections

1.  Make great immune supporting food choices as a family.  Leafy green vegetables like kale, rapini, spinach, beet tops, swiss chard all have components that help the immune system.  Oranges, red, yellow and orange peppers, berries, plums – all of these are chock-a-block full of vitamins and minerals that help the immune system.  Lean meats,Continue reading “6 Ways to Support Your Child’s Immune System and Help Prevent Nasty Infections”

Sunscreen for Sensitive Children

If your child is sensitive, you’ll need to get creative with sunscreen. I have 2 kids. My older daughter has very fair, sensitive skin and is incredibly sensitive to textures. The second daughter, not so much. When it came time to put sunscreen on my first bundle of joy, we encountered some resistance. To putContinue reading “Sunscreen for Sensitive Children”