Sunscreen for Grown-Ups

Here is the link to the Environmental Working Group’s list of moisturizers with sunscreen – the good and not good.  As a sunscreen hater, I’m doing my best to cover up with non-rashy, non icky sunscreens myself.  I’m finding the one by the Body Shop easiest to find and not too icky.  Good luck toContinue reading “Sunscreen for Grown-Ups”

Wheat-free, (almost) Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie (again!)

It’s Thanksgiving!  My kids and I made this last year so I’m reposting the recipe.  We’ll see if I get it done for dinner tonight!  This recipe is adapted from one taken from, The Perfect Pie, by Susan G. Purdy, which is one of my favourite recipe books of all time. Here you go… Pie crust:Continue reading “Wheat-free, (almost) Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie (again!)”

Sensitive Children and Sunscreen – more…

The Environmental Working Group has come out with it’s recommendations.  Click here to check their evaluated list of sunscreens. Also check this link to read about a few more don’ts for sunscreen. Each year my older, very fair skinned and super sensitive daughter and I do a variety of patch tests on each of ourContinue reading “Sensitive Children and Sunscreen – more…”

Alternative Treats – Ice Cream!

You may already know that I’m a fan of treats. I think it’s important to make good choices for ourselves in what we eat and drink, but I also think that enjoying life and the flavour and texture of food is important. And for kids, sticking to a super strict diet day in and dayContinue reading “Alternative Treats – Ice Cream!”

Sunscreen and Sensitive Kids – take 2

The Environmental Working Group has come out with their 2012 sunscreen guide.  Check it out at this link: This organization has rated sunscreens with a variety of criteria and come up with the best and worst ones. Now, keep in mind, those of us with sensitive children know that we can use the veryContinue reading “Sunscreen and Sensitive Kids – take 2”

Sensitive Kids and Bug Bites

This post is about natural remedies to help with bug bites. Now, I’m sure you have noticed that bugs love to bite some people and  just leave others alone.  I don’t know the science or research behind it but I sure do know that having tons of bites stinks.  I’m one they loooooove to bite.Continue reading “Sensitive Kids and Bug Bites”

Sunscreen for Sensitive Children

If your child is sensitive, you’ll need to get creative with sunscreen. I have 2 kids. My older daughter has very fair, sensitive skin and is incredibly sensitive to textures. The second daughter, not so much. When it came time to put sunscreen on my first bundle of joy, we encountered some resistance. To putContinue reading “Sunscreen for Sensitive Children”