Stewed Rhubarb – delish!

So it seems that people either love rhubarb or actively despise it. I’m one of the rhubarb lovers and have been happily stewing rhubarb for the past few days. I’m the only one in my household who likes it, so, all the more for me! Here’s how I make it: Go in the backyard withContinue reading “Stewed Rhubarb – delish!”

Sunscreen for Grown-Ups

Here is the link to the Environmental Working Group’s list of moisturizers with sunscreen – the good and not good.  As a sunscreen hater, I’m doing my best to cover up with non-rashy, non icky sunscreens myself.  I’m finding the one by the Body Shop easiest to find and not too icky.  Good luck toContinue reading “Sunscreen for Grown-Ups”

Test for Celiac’s In Office!

I’ve just received some kits to test a few drops of blood for antibodies against gluten. I can do the test right in my office.  It test takes 10 minutes and costs $75.  It’s quite exciting and is much easier on the pocket book than going to the lab. Great for children as it’s justContinue reading “Test for Celiac’s In Office!”

Soothe Aches, Spasms and Mastitis with a Sock

A barley sock, that is… A barley sock is simply a sock filled with barley and it is incredibly versatile. It’s cheap and easy too. These are the steps to make a barley sock: Get an old sock. Or a new sock, if you like. Make sure it doesn’t have any holes in it. GetContinue reading “Soothe Aches, Spasms and Mastitis with a Sock”

For Moms Working At Home…

Most moms I know who are working from home put time into their “non-child related work” while the kids are napping or after the little tykes have gone to bed.  This seems like such a good idea in theory, but, I can tell you from experience, it’s quite difficult to achieve in practice. The deadlineContinue reading “For Moms Working At Home…”

Female Hormones Control your Bowels?

Yep.  Estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, prolactin… All of these hormones affect our digestive systems.  So, certainly if a women comes to me with wonky digestion, we talk all about her hormones – how’s the menstrual cycle?  How was her digestive system during pregnancy?  How about when she was breast feeding?  What about during peri-menopause? In naturopathyContinue reading “Female Hormones Control your Bowels?”