Wheat-free, (almost) Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie (again!)

It’s Thanksgiving!  My kids and I made this last year so I’m reposting the recipe.  We’ll see if I get it done for dinner tonight!  This recipe is adapted from one taken from, The Perfect Pie, by Susan G. Purdy, which is one of my favourite recipe books of all time. Here you go… Pie crust:Continue reading “Wheat-free, (almost) Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie (again!)”

Natural Remedies for Acute Cough

In our house, we’re just going through our first family cough of the season.  And as the elder kid hacks, she says, “Ha!  Take that, virus!  Get out!” Apparently sheʼs actually been listening to me all along. Coughs, as you may know, are our bodiesʼ way of moving a virus / bacteria / fungus /Continue reading “Natural Remedies for Acute Cough”

5 Tips for Kids to Fight Colds and Flus

1.  EAT VEGETABLES. It seems so obvious, doesn’t it?  Before I was a mom, I thought my kids would eat 10+ servings of organic fruits and veggies every day.  I was sure they’d grow up thinking kale was wonderful and broccoli delightful.  Well, of course, I was wrong. I do find that they consume moreContinue reading “5 Tips for Kids to Fight Colds and Flus”

Antidepressants, weight gain, high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome

A recent study looked at the relationship between SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) and weight gain, waist circumference, BMI, blood sugar, cholesterol levels.  Each SSRI affected these markers for health with Paxil increasing each of them after only 16 weeks. These medications increase the serotonin available to the brain and body by interrupting the mechanismContinue reading “Antidepressants, weight gain, high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome”

Sensitive Children and Sunscreen – more…

The Environmental Working Group has come out with it’s recommendations.  Click here to check their evaluated list of sunscreens. Also check this link to read about a few more don’ts for sunscreen. Each year my older, very fair skinned and super sensitive daughter and I do a variety of patch tests on each of ourContinue reading “Sensitive Children and Sunscreen – more…”

Allergy Season is Here – Quick Do a Family Cleanse!

Spring is finally upon us and with it comes the sneezing, sniffling, itching, burning, wheezing, and irritibility of allergies.  It is not too late to nip these symptoms in the bud with a family cleanse.  If you and your family do a cleanse now, you can lower the inflammation in your body and help yourContinue reading “Allergy Season is Here – Quick Do a Family Cleanse!”

Soothe Aches, Spasms and Mastitis with a Sock

A barley sock, that is… A barley sock is simply a sock filled with barley and it is incredibly versatile. It’s cheap and easy too. These are the steps to make a barley sock: Get an old sock. Or a new sock, if you like. Make sure it doesn’t have any holes in it. GetContinue reading “Soothe Aches, Spasms and Mastitis with a Sock”

Wheat-free, (almost) Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie

My kids and I made this pie for Thanksgiving and my extended family gobbled it up.  Usually they’re a pretty tough sell on my alternative foods so I’m sure this one is a good one!  I think we’ll make it again for Christmas.  This recipe is adapted from one taken from, The Perfect Pie, byContinue reading “Wheat-free, (almost) Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie”

Alternative Treats – Ice Cream!

You may already know that I’m a fan of treats. I think it’s important to make good choices for ourselves in what we eat and drink, but I also think that enjoying life and the flavour and texture of food is important. And for kids, sticking to a super strict diet day in and dayContinue reading “Alternative Treats – Ice Cream!”

Sunscreen and Sensitive Kids – take 2

The Environmental Working Group has come out with their 2012 sunscreen guide.  Check it out at this link: http://breakingnews.ewg.org/2012sunscreen/all-sunscreens/ This organization has rated sunscreens with a variety of criteria and come up with the best and worst ones. Now, keep in mind, those of us with sensitive children know that we can use the veryContinue reading “Sunscreen and Sensitive Kids – take 2”